Petroleum pipework

LS Forecourts specialises in forecourt pipe work and associated tank and pump work.

We are trained and approved installers for KPS pipe work.

We install:

  • Single wall fusion pipe
  • Double wall/secondary contained fusion pipe, allowing for an interstitial space that can be monitored for leaks.
  • Conductive (dissipative) fusion pipe, Electro statically safe (As well as conductive manhole chambers)
  • Permeation free fusion pipe
  • Steel galvanised pipe
  • LPG high pressure pipe
  • ADBLUE pipe
  • Fuel Pipe
  • Pressure system pipe
  • Suction system pipe
  • Fill, vent and vapour recovery pipe.

We also provide a facility for testing existing pipe work including line testing, fill pipe testing, vent line testing and vapour recovery annual inspections.

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